Strategy - Retail Customers

In the scope of the retail client, PZU Group intends to focus on the following:

  • mass-market client: The Group will maintain its current target client base (with top potential) and increase the segment’s cross-selling. The introduction of direct/ self service and the insurance products offered under two brands, i.e. PZU and Link4, will play an important role in maintaining the current clients and acquiring new ones. The Group will strengthen relations with its clientsthanks to the upsale of non-life insurance (mainly TPLand household) among clients with group life insurance orindividually continued insurance;
  • Premium client – PZU Group will raise its share in fulfilling the insurance needs and managing the assets of such clients. Except the insurance upsale (life individual protective as well as property), the Group will offer them individual health insurance products and investment products (mainly TFI);
  • SME client – Despite the rising competition, the Group will maintain its high market share in the SME segment.
    PZU Group will strengthen its relations with this segment by offering a complex life and non-life offer, i.e. property, life, and health insurance. With the development of these companies and growth of their insurance awareness, the Group will propose increases of the sums insured in the property insurance product to the clients in this segment, especially to big clients.