Strategy - Corporate customers

PZU Group will retain its position in motor insurance for corporate clients and also retain positive technical profitability. The Group will increase its share in the so-called Mid-Corpo segment of non-motor insurance from approximately 13% to approximately 20%.

The main instruments to realise the assumed objectives include the following:The operating philosophy of PZU Group on this market assumes that it will become a business partner with strong expertise for the clients and provide not just insurance products but also advise the clients at all risk management stages (especially during the determination of insurance needs). Regardless of the entity’s size, PZU Group will have an individual approach to its clients.

  • market introduction of product and process innovations with application of new technologies, including taking advantage of the Everest platform;
  • offering risk management consulting for Clients;
  • implementation of system solutions increasing sales effectiveness and raising the quality of customer and broker service.

PZU Group’s objective in the area of life insurance offered to corporate clients is to maintain the market share and accept the simultaneous controlled profitability decline.

Main operations:

  • implementation of product innovations;
  • development of service processes applying new technologies and gradual introduction of self-service to group and individually continued insurance;
  • improving the quality of the database of clients with group and individually continued insurance for potential to use it in cross-sale for retail clients. Monitoring and management of the flow of clients from the group with group insurance to the group with individually continued insurance.