PZU Strategy 3.0

The PZU Strategy for the years 2015-2020 (PZU 3.0) was approved in January 2015. The key objective of the Group strategy until 2020 is to transform the institution from an insurance company into the Group based on three strong pillars, i.e.: insurance, asset management, medical care.


Latvia #1

Expand Group market share in the Polish non-life insurance market to at least 35% by the year 2020
Become the market leader in asset management by 2020 - the objective is to reach at least 11.5% of shares in fund management companies’ assets by the year 2020
PLN 650 million
Become the leading Polish integrated health care provider and obtain the minimum revenue of PLN 650 million by 2020
Increase in share of premium on foreign operations in the PZU Group’s premium to at least 8% by the end of 2020