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PZU – high operational efficiency

The financial results achieved by PZU Group in recent years place it among the most profitable financial institutions in the country. They simultaneously contribute to high performance ratios. In 2014, the return on equity was 22.6%. In 2014, the combined ratio (COR) for non-life insurance was 95.7%.

PZU Group complies with all safety standards of business. Equity amounted to PLN 13,167.6 million as at 31st December 2014. The solvency margin at both PZU and PZU Życie significantly exceeded the average for the insurance sector (according to Solvency I). The level of 291.2% for PZU Group also exceeded the average values of the big European insurance companies. The decrease in the ratio resulted from the implementation of the capital and dividend policy.

PZU’s insurance portfolio is not exposed to concentration risk. This arises from the high level of diversification of the portfolio. It largely consists of a substantial share of premiums obtained from the mass market (non-life insurance) and group insurance customer (with moderate sum of insurance).

Net profit (PLN million) and ROE (%)

Solvency under Solvency I (%)