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55. Contingent assets and liabilities

Contingent assets and liabilities31 December 201431 December 2013
Contingent assets, including: 20,976 35,231
- guarantees and sureties received 20,976 21,259
- Other - 13,972
Contingent liabilities 265,709 144,576
- guarantees and sureties issued 7,133 6,842
- disputed claims related to insurance 185,109 92,535
- other disputed claims 36,264 17,270
- other, including: 37,203 27,929
- potential liabilities arising from loan agreements entered into by the Armatura Group 34,115 27,622

55.1 Loan facility, loan collateral or guarantees granted by PZU or its subsidiaries

The guarantee issued by PZU in relation to the liabilities of PZU Finance AB (publ) arising from the bonds issued by the company, described in Note 51.

55.2 Potential litigation related to the continued family insurance

In 1998, proceedings before the Supreme Court regarding revaluation of the sum insured in continued family insurance were concluded, as a result of which PZU was obliged to pay claims exceeding the amount under the insurance contract. Additionally, in several cases district courts issue similar judgements.

PZU Życie is of the opinion, that the insured under individually continued family insurance policies have been entitled to increase the sum insured. Therefore, any claims regarding revaluation are groundless if the sum insured has not been increased. If in similar cases courts issue judgements on revaluation of claims, increasing the sum insured, it may have adverse consequences for the Polish insurance system as a whole. If in the future claims are filed or lawsuits brought by the insured against PZU Życie regarding continued family insurance, the Company will firmly oppose revaluation of claims above the sum insured specified in the insurance policy.

Therefore, the Management Board of PZU Życie believes, there are no reasonable grounds for disclosing any provisions for potential claims relating to the continued family insurance portfolio in the consolidated financial statements.