34.1 Other receivables

Other receivables31 December 201431 December 2013
Receivables from the State Budget, other than due to income tax  153,174 86,177
Receivables from Metro Projekt Sp. z o.o. 109,478 83,203
Receivables relating to prevention activities 64,647 53,506
Receivables from claims representative services 9,081 6,351
Receivables from security transactions and collateral deposits 758,394 902,019
Trade receivables 117,242 97,646
Receivables from immediate decommissioning charged to policies concluded with other insurance companies 34,086 -
Receivables from payments for the purchase of shares 20,890 -
Other 63,056 39,909
Total other receivables 1,330,048 1,268,811

Receivables from Metro Projekt sp. z o.o. and related matters have been described in point 57.6.

The item “Receivables from security transactions and collateral deposits" presents receivables related to transactions regarding financial instruments which have been concluded but unsettled.