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Structure of PZU Group

PZU Group conducts various activities in the area of insurance and finance. In particular, PZU Group’s entities provide services in life insurance, non-life insurance, health insurance and asset management for customers within OFE and investment funds.

By performing control functions in the supervisory bodies of the companies, PZU – as the parent company – makes key decisions regarding both the scope of activities and the finances of PZU Group entities. The companies provide mutual services both under market conditions and based on the internal cost allocation model (in scope of the Tax Capital Group) thanks to the expertise of selected companies and by taking advantage of the Tax Capital Group.

The following changes took place in the structure of PZU Group in 2014 and until the release of this report:

  • PZU acquired majority shares in the following companies while realising the development strategy to strengthen its position in Poland and expand internationally: Link4, AAS Balta, Lietuvos Draudimas AB, and the Estonian branch of Codan Forsikring
  • In relation to the development strategy concerning healthinsurance, PZU FIZ AN BIS 2 (a fund 100% owned byPZU) acquired the shares of the following health carecompanies: Centrum Medyczne Medica Sp. z o.o., Prof-MedSp. z o.o., Elvita
  • In order to manage Armatura Kraków SA more effectively, as the result of the shares squeeze-out, the number of shares held by PZU FIZ AN BIS 2 increased to 100% and the shares of Armatura Kraków SA underwent dematerialisation on 10th March 2014. Furthermore, in scope of optimising the organisational structure, selected companies within Armatura Group have been merged.

Structure of the Group PZU Życie PTE PZU TFI PZU Grupa Armatura PZU AM Tower Inwestycje PZU Zdrowie EMC Instytut Medyczny Centrum Medyczne Medica Prof-Med Elvita Proelmed PZU LINK4 SA L4C Sp. z o.o. PZU Centrum Operacji PZU Pomoc GSU Pomoc Górniczy Klub Ubezpieczonych Tychy PZU Finanse Ogrodowa Inwestycje MPTE PZU Ipsilon Omicron Omicron BIS Lietuvos Draudimas AAS Balta PZU Ukraine PZU Ukraine Life PZU Lithuania PZU Lithuania Life LLC SOS Services Ukraine PZU Finance AB

 Related parties under consolidation process

 Non-consolidated companies

* as at 31 December 2014, Grupa Armatura included the following entities: Armatura Kraków SA, Armatoora SA, Armaton SA, Armatura Tower Sp. z o.o., Arm Property sp. z o.o., Armagor SA and Armadimp SA.

** Grupa Centrum Medyczne Medica includes the following entities: Centrum Medyczne Medica Sp. z o.o. and Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe “Krystynka” Sp. z o.o.

The structure does not cover investment funds.

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Accident insurance

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Securing the future of the family

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Individual protection insurance

Preparations for retirement

Pillar II of the pension system – open-ended pension funds

Pillar III of the pension system (employment pension products - EPP, individual pension accounts – IKE and individual pension security accounts – IKZE)

Increasing savings

Participation units in investment funds

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